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ClockWrkHeart ([personal profile] clockwrkheart) wrote2015-11-24 03:03 am

Not One of Them Involving You

Lemme preface this rant; I am an extremely jealous person when it comes to my husband. When we were younger, I was a nightmare and I applaud him for sticking with me thru it all. Now I am a far less jealous and controlling person. 
But there are some things that are NOT OKAY. Main example, a mutual friend making her Facebook profile picture and picture of her and him together. Now maybe it's just my jealousy rearing back up after years of hibernation, but how is that okay?? I would never, ever dream of doing something so blatantly disrespectful. 
The picture itself is perfectly innocent. It's just two friends making faces, but the act of setting it as her profile picture is what pisses me off. It's like a subtle jab of “Look at me with this great guy.” Yes, that is a great guy. That MY great guy. The man I married. If you want a guy to pose with in your profile picture, find one of your own. 
There are a lot of other things that rub me the wrong way too, like how she always insists on trying to “photobomb” his and my pictures together like it's funny, or how she'll try to take selfies with him as soon as I’m done or how she always makes him walk to get the mail with her. (It doesn't take two people, obviously.) But I let these things go, because I know I am overly jealous and can be too suspicious. I know these are innocent actions, even if I don't like them, that doesn't make them wrong. 
But this profile picture thing is unacceptable. I get mad just thinking about it, so of course I’m pretty much always mad because I see her multiple times a day. But I can't say anything about it because then I’m psychotic, a jealous bitch. I’ll be the bad guy, my hurt feelings and feelings of betrayal won't matter, because her feelings will be hurt if I say something, and her feelings will be more important. 
So I'm stuck in a seething rage hoping she'll change her photo soon. But seriously, how is it okay to set a picture of you and SOMEONE ELSE’S husband as your profile picture. It's not okay. If that makes me a bitch, then so be it. 
The up side to it all is that we’ been having a lot more sex. He's also home more now, so that helps too. I really wish I could leave lots of evidence behind, remind the whole world he’s taken, but alas, jobs prevent that.