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ClockWrkHeart ([personal profile] clockwrkheart) wrote2015-12-09 07:42 am

Just Watch His Wildest Dreams Come True

 A update on my last post: 
So not only is her profile pic on FB a picture of her and my husband, now her Twitter picture is as well. I feel like she's doing this shit on purpose and I spend every day in a mildly seething rage. 
But thankfully, seeing as he's my husband, I have the ability to talk to him about what i’m upset about. And said conversation is going to include asking him to not take pictures with her, like ever again. And also not to get the mail with her anymore, and just generally keep her at a distance. 
I’d rather it not have to come down to me flat out telling her that making someone else's husband your profile picture is HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE, but we’ll see. I feel like that's common sense, but apparently it's not.