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ClockWrkHeart ([personal profile] clockwrkheart) wrote2019-09-17 11:47 pm
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Obligatory Intro Post

Gonna try to revive this journal I made back in 2013 so I have somewhere to rant about feels and frustrations. Hoping putting my thoughts down will help with my moodiness. 

Disclaimer: if you're reading this and you think I've mentioned you in some way and you get butt hurt about it, it's not my problem. It's my journal and I'm gonna say whatever I want. Don't want hurt feelings? Don't read someone's journal. Keep your butt hurt to yourself like I'm trying to keep my ranting to myself. I'm not giving this journal info out to anyone, so if you know me and you're reading it, that means you sought it out to be nosy. So read at the risk or your own hurt feelings.